Vols QB Jarrett Guarantano Perseveres Through Injury and Inconsistencies

It’s been a tough year for Vols quarterback Jarrett Guarantano.
He was benched for inconsistent play. Took abuse on social media.
And then he broke his left hand two weeks ago against South Carolina.
But Guarantano has continued to persevere.
Less than a week after surgery on his injured hand, Guarantano took the bulk of the snaps Saturday night in the Vols win over UAB.

Jarrett Guarantano looked like he was sporting a manequin hand after the U-A-B game. Imagine trying to play with that gloved hand, and getting hit.
Said Guarantano:”It’s kind of numb right where the big scar is and around it, I’m starting to get feeling back in my fingers a little bit. But the pain is constant. I’ve been walking around like this, so it’s throbbing a lot. It’s hard for me to grip it honestly. Grip the ball. Going under center. You’re always feeling it. Whenever you take hits, you’re always feeling it.”
Reporter:”Jarrett you talked about the pain being constant. Was there ever a thought for you just like hey, lets set aside and wait a couple of weeks. Why continue to play week after week?”
Said Guarantano:”I owe it to my teammates. I don’t like how I started off the season honestly the way I did. That’s just talking about the team. Losing. I think my teammates deserve this from me. If I’m able to help them out in any way, I think I should.”
Guarantano finished the night 13 of 21 passing for 147-yards with one pick and one touchdown.
Said offensive lineman Trey Smith:”Yeah I mean it’s a testament ot who he is as a player and a person. I mean he’s not letting it stop him at all. I mean you see him at here.  That hurts. There’s no other way to put it. I mean he’s sitting there taking all these hits, and he keeps going.”
Coach Pruitt has had his moments with Guarantano, but he still has a lot of respect for his veteran quarterback.
Said head coach Jeremy Pruitt:”He’s a guy that can kind of help glue a lot of things together with the other players. When he does that, we play better.”
Said Guarantano:”It really means a lot to me for the coaches also to keep faith in me. We had some rough patches as the beginning of the year, but I think that we are really starting to pick it up. Even going through the injury like I said before, I knew that there wasn’t an option for me to sit down because these guys had so much faith in me and gave me so much love over the course of time that I couldn’t do that to them.”

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