What’s Right with Our Schools: Live Learning on WTCI

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) -Zoom calls are okay for remote learning, but the seamless presentation of live television is tough to beat. Hamilton County Schools teamed up with WTCI for a series of live learning shows.

Whitney Blanks is a  Literacy Coach at  Bess T. Shepherd Elementary.

She says, “We are, “we” meaning HCDE has partnered with WTCI to present some lessons to Hamilton county, our district, just as another means and avenue to get lessons out to students. We know that students are on Zoom calls and meetings with their teachers. They are working through packets of work, but just being able to see something visually on their TV screen of a teacher in Hamilton county, just delivering some of the instruction for the needs of the different grade levels.

Cody Patterson is a Communications Officer for HCDE.

He says, “If you thought Mr. Rogers neighborhood was cool, just wait until you see what our educators are doing to engage our students in Reading and Math and PE for those three hours in the day.”

He adds, this is a really important community partnership that we form with WTC I to try and reach our students through a variety of channels, I variety of mediums to continue engage them until we can get our students back into the classroom.

Bob Culkeen is the President and CEO at WTCI.

He says, right at the start when Covid pandemic happened, it was important for us to build a partnership, and see how we could help our community get the word out, and in March we started to put together a plan with them to put on special programs; hour long programs, and alter our daily program that we deliver that has more educational content to it.

Callie Phillips teaches Math to 4th graders at Hardy Elementary School.

She says, “I think it’s a really beautiful opportunity to reach some of the kids that maybe don’t have that same access to technology that other kids and the industry do. So, I had a wonderful semester with kids getting on Zoom every day, but unfortunately there are students who don’t have access to the technology that they need to do that. So, this is a way to reach them.



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