What’s Right With Our Schools” Notre Dame Students Build Beds

CHATTANOOGA, TN – (WDEF) – A good day usually begins after a good night’s sleep. Some students at Notre Dame have been busy building beds that will be given away free of charge. That kind of generosity is a heartfelt example of what’s right with our schools.

Conor Martin is the Senior Theology Teacher at Notre Dame.

He explains, “Today, we have a senior project where we’re teaming up with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. It started in 2020 during the covid pandemic. We were looking for a service project to work on our pastoral formation here. The need in the area is that there is that many children who are actually sleeping without beds, and we know that to have a proper good night’s rest is important not only for your spiritual development, but especially your physical and emotional development as well.”

Emma Pace is a Senior at Notre Dame.

She says, “We are participating, because Notre Dame especially, really values giving back to the community. We know the community has helped us before, so we want to give back, and we also know how fortunate we are to be here, and that we’re a very privileged population to be able to do this. So, I think it’s really important to take advantage of the opportunities we’re given to be able to give back in whatever way we can.”

Bob Hirschi is the chapter President for Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

He says, “Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization that we build and deliver beds to kids that do not have beds. We use organizations.  We use groups, church groups, businesses, any volunteers to build our beds. We use volunteers to deliver our beds and set them up in the homes. When we deliver a bed, it is a complete, brand-new bed, brand new mattress, brand new bedding, pillow, everything is new. We do not give anything used away. By providing a bed we feel that we really help long term. Uh children to do better in school, and to be better citizens.”

Ashton Lankford is a Senior at Notre Dame.

He explains, “Everybody here is fortunate just that we all have a bed ourselves, and you really think that everybody would have a bed, but some people you know.  It’s amazing that you get to do this to help out. because just to see people smile on people’s faces that; you know some people don’t actually have a bed. Most people don’t think about that, but everybody deserves to have a bed, and this is just an amazing thing to help out with.”

Bob Hirschi concludes, “I just love to see the young people get involved, and it’s a super great experience for these young people to go in and see where the beds are going, and these young people that need a bed. I think Sleep in Heavenly Peace was onto something definitely motivated, inspired by the Holy Spirit. We often think of food and shelter, but a good night’s sleep is something that’s often overlooked. and we just feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to team up with them.”



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