What’s Trending? Yoenis Cespedes, Woman Bites Pearl, Mustache Kitty

What will Yoenis Cespedes drive to work today? The Mets outfielder loves his cars. Tuesday, he showed up for Spring Training in Florida in this custom three wheeled Polaris. Then yesterday, he pulled up in a custom black and blue Lamborghini Aventador. Cespedes signed a three-year, $75-million contract with the Mets in the offseason.

How much would you pay to see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show up close? Big league pitcher Cole Hamels says he forked over nearly $70,000 for VIP tickets to the lingerie show – but never got what he paid for. Hamels is suing because he says he paid that to a London-based event promoter – but never received tickets to the show or any of the perks… which were to have included a luxury hotel, a limo ride with champagne, goodie bags and access to the after-party. He’s seeking $150,000 for fraud and misrepresentation.

A woman bit down on a rare pearl while eating a meal of clams and other seafood at an Italian restaurant in Washington State. Lindsay Hasz wasn’t sure what it was but put it in her pocket and went home to do research. She took it to a gemologist, who determined it was a Quahog purple pearl worth about $600. Hasz says she may have the pearl made into a necklace.

Have you ever day dreamed about ordering one of everything at a restaurant? What about Amazon? If you did, it would cost you 12-point-eight billion dollars. A computer scientist in Zurich determined there were 479-million different items available on Amazon last year. He guestimated the average price per item to be $26.86.

A kitten left in a donation box has a new lease on life — and Internet stardom. A California Salvation Army worker found Sally Ann — and she has a unique feature. This mustached kitty has been turned over to a shelter, where she’s being cared for… before being adopted out.

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