Whitfield County deputy used deadly force to save his life; eyewitness saw it unfold

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia(WDEF) – A high speed chase involving an SUV that was reported stolen has led to a deadly officer involved shooting.

It happened late Monday morning near the intersection of Maddox Mill Road and Highway 52 in Whitfield County.

Steve Williams told News 12 he and his boss were on their way to have lunch when they witnessed the unthinkable right before their eyes.

"It was a very high speed chase that just turned nasty in the end," Williams said.

According to Whitfield County Sheriff Scott Chitwood, it all started when a deputy spotted an SUV that was reported stolen. When the deputy attempted to pull over the vehicle, the driver refused then led several deputies on a high speed chase.

"He came in and tore the stop sign down. He spun into the guardrail. I thought he was going to turn the vehicle over. He spun back around and went out," Williams said.

Williams told News 12 another deputy used a pit maneuver on the suspect’s vehicle but it didn’t work. The suspect reportedly drove down Maddox Mill Road with two blown out tires.

"He stopped on Maddox Mill Road and they surrounded him," Williams said.

The situation reportedly went from bad to worse when one of the deputies stood in front of the suspects vehicle.

"I saw the vehicle take off and go into Mr. Moses pasture and hit his gate. When He took off, I hear pow pow pow, and that’s when the Jeep came to a stop," Williams said.

"The suspect gunned the vehicle toward the officer in an attempt to run over him. The officer did discharge his firearm. So right now we have one deceased white male; the suspect in the white Cherokee," said Sheriff Chitwood.

According to Williams, the officer was left with no choice but to fire at the suspect.

"Whoever was in front of him, it looked like he was going to run over them," Williams said.

The deceased suspect has been identified as Brett Kelby Noblitt, 25.

The deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave while the GBI investigates the incident.

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