Will Bradley Co. move EMS workers to 24 hour shifts?

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Changes to the shift hours could be coming for Bradley County EMS workers.

There are talks moving EMS workers and paramedics to longer 24 hour shifts.

Thursday morning a meeting was held where people had the opportunity to voice their concerns and ask questions about the possible change.

One paramedic says she was initially attracted to Bradley County EMS because of the hours.

“I came to Bradley County because I was in a wreck in an ambulance during a 24 hour shift. I had my back broken in three places. I was out of work for several months,” she said.

EMS workers say they feel they will be working more hours but paid the same. They say they will be tired and that is not safe for them or residents.

A study also says it is not a good idea.

Commissioners say the move would be done for financial savings.

“The main thing was the call volume was too much for us. It could alleviate that we thought somewhat and we could alleviate the overtime possibility. I didn’t know all of these other things were going to come into play and I don’t think you do until you get all of that information back,” said Johnny Mull, a Bradley County commissioner.

Commissioners and the mayor will look over studies and statements from EMS workers before they make a decision.

If this goes through it would go in effect in July.

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