Woebcken updates plans for Volkswagen in the U.S. and Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The head of Volkswagen operations in the United States came to Chattanooga this week for a test drive.

Hinrich Woebcken talked to national news media from the plant.

And the Wall Street Journal reports he also gave the new SUV being built here a spin outside the plant.

He took the B-SUV, as it is called now, out on public roads, including the roundabout near the plant.

Woebcken also broke some news while he was here.

He announced that Volkswagen AG is going to leave the naming of the Chattanooga-made vehicle up to North American.

Typically, they pick one name for a brand around the world, which is how we got “Tiguan” and “Toureg.”

But Woebcken told the Journal that the US operations will be allowed to come up with a more American name for the B-SUV.

We still don’t know what that name is yet while lawyers work to get clearance.

Woebcken also told national reporters that Volkswagen will build electric vehicles in North America by 2020.

But he didn’t say which models.

And he didn’t say if they will be made in Chattanooga or Puebla, Mexico.

But building them in the U.S. could help stave off repercussions here over the diesel emissions scandal.

Hinrich J Woebcken

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