Youth football league in Copperhill facing scandal

POLK COUNTY, Tennessee(WDEF) – There’s major controversy in Polk County where an entire youth football league has been kicked out of a larger league due to alleged cheating.

According to several parents, the Copper Basin Youth Football League has been kicked out of the Smokey Mountain Youth League for the rest of the 2014 season. The expulsion comes after allegations of altering player birth certificates that would allow older kids to play in younger team divisions.

"I’m hoping it’s not true because it would be a big disappointment for all out kids. I have three boys that play and they’re all supposed to be in homecoming," said parent Amanda Allen.

"The reason they’re out there is to have a good time and learn sportsmanship and to be disciplined in that sport as they grow older. It would be a heartbreaking to them to know they couldn’t finish up the season," said parent Brad York.

Smokey Mountain League president Dave McCoy confirmed the allegations and expulsion to WDEF. He also said one of the older kids injured a much younger player during a tackle. On the leagues facebook page some of the people involved with the teams posted messages about how frustrating it is to see their season end,  while one message read "no matter the situation, a snitch is a snitch."

"That’s awful. They should have enough people that can play in certain levels of the football field," said parent Ashley Brown.

The expulsion affects all four teams in the Copper Basin league including the cheerleaders.

Many parents are outraged because they have invested a lot of money into the program.

"I’m pretty upset about it. We spent money and time on practices and uniforms and all the different things we’ve being trying to do to get her to be involved in things like this," said parent Bryan McMillian.

"We purchased brand new pads for them that’s like $80 each and that’s a big waste of money for something like this to happen," Allen said.

WDEF tried contacting the coaching staff but no one returned phone calls. Sources close to the team say all the parents will be formally notified on Thursday of the expulsion.

WDEF was also told the league would be eligible to compete next year but eligibility would be based on certain stipulations.

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