Bradley Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and Cleveland Police issue joint statement on bogus “feud”

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Both policing agencies in Bradley County have issued a joint statement on reports of an alleged feud between them.

The reports surround an incident in March where a suspect arrested in March was temporarily turned away from the Bradley County jail.

As we reported on Monday, the agencies say they smoothed out the issue at a meeting earlier this month.

Here is the joint statement released on the incident Tuesday morning:

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and Cleveland Police Department are aware that several media reports are reporting a feud between our agencies. Both agencies have an obligation to address issues which creates high liability.

The incidences regarding the intake of arrestees with medical needs beyond the capacity of on-site medical providers are concerns with jails across the state of Tennessee and abroad. On April 5, 2017 both agencies made the decision to meet when learning that there was a conflict with Bradley County Correctional Facility’s intake process for arrestees. Administrations from both agencies and the Bradley County attorney had a productive meeting that resulted in the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office reviewing policies and procedures which governed the intake of arrestees.

According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigations’ “2016 Crime Report”, an estimated 6,231 arrests occurred between both agencies last year. The problems with the intake of arrestees were promptly addressed between both agencies, and no other incidences have occurred since the April 5th meeting. The disagreements were simply caused by both agencies following separate policies and procedures, and those discrepancies have been dealt with to alleviate further problems.

For the past several years, Bradley County Sheriff Office’s and Cleveland Police Department’s relationship have been the best in history. The disagreements regarding the intake of arrestees are isolated incidents that don’t define the relationship between both agencies.

Both agencies will continue to work closely together to address the public safety needs of the Cleveland / Bradley County community. It’s important the public realizes this issue has only led to better communication between both agencies, and hasn’t affected the close relationship that has been established for quite some time.

Director James Bradford Sgt. Evie West
Bradley County Sheriff Office Cleveland Police Department

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