CPD responds to viral Tik Tok Video

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Chattanooga Police respond to a Tik Tok Video that shows a Chattanooga Police officer attempting to arrest a fleeing suspect on Thursday.

According to police, after responding to a robbery call at 1820 Gunbarrel Road, officers found a man significantly injured. The police report added the injuries are consistent with the man being violently assaulted and the business was in shambles.

According to the report, police gather information about three assailants and the vehicle they were in.

The police reports said the police quickly located and attempted to detain the suspects and all three ran away. Officers detained the 22-year-old male suspect as he attempted to drive away. A 16 year old suspect was found hiding under another vehicle.

According to police, another 16-year-old was restrained after he escaped the grasp of one officer then ran across a shopping center parking lot. It took two officers to take him into custody due to the suspect’s continued attempts to physically resist arrest as is evident in a brief video clip posted to Tik Tok.

CPD said the video clip posted shows the end of what was a lengthy police response stemming from violence the three suspects inflicted upon a community member and deliberately put other community members at risk and in fear.

 “There is more to this situation than a 20-second video clip posted to social media. CPD is investigating the matter and will provide more details when able,” said Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy.

According to CPD, the three suspects are charged with Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Interference with 9-1-1 calls, Evading Arrest, Resisting Arrest, and Inciting a Riot.

The Chattanooga Police Department said it is reviewing officer body camera footage, video from nearby businesses, as well as other evidence, and statements collected.

CPD said the man who suffered lacerations to his face, broken bones, and bruised ribs is receiving treatment.

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