Dave Gettleman defends Giants’ Odell Beckham trade: ‘Trust me, we got a plan’

Last week, the New York Giants executed a blockbuster trade, sending Odell Beckham Jr. and Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Kevin Zeitler, Jabrill Peppers, and the No. 17 and 95 overall picks in the 2019 NFL Draft

On Monday, Giants general manage Dave Gettleman addressed media members regarding the trade for the first time. Gettleman forcefully defended his move, invoking ‘The Godfather’ by stating that the Browns “made an offer we couldn’t refuse” and declaring “this was purely a football decision.” He also stated that he has a plan and people just have to trust him. 

Gettleman, as is his wont, also took the press availability as an opportunity to challenge various bits of conventional wisdom. Just as he did last year when he mocked people who said drafting a running back at No. 2 overall was a bad use of resources by mimicking someone typing at a computer, this year Gettleman mocked the idea that Eli Manning is no longer a quality quarterback as well as the idea that age is a factor in a player’s ability to perform.

These two statements are, on their face, wrong. Manning has clearly been in decline for years, and age has been shown over and over to be a factor in performance. But Gettleman was not done there, anyway.

He also defended his plan by stating that he does not actually have to explain it to anyone, that he did not want to take on dead money in the Beckham/Vernon deal but that it is part of said plan, and that he did not quit on Beckham because the Giants neither cut him nor got marginal talent in return.

So, things are going well in New York. If this team wasn’t in the same division as Washington, it might get a lot more attention for what a mess this currently is. 

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