First Responder Hero Award Presented to Fire Chief David Crittenden

First responders never know exactly what to expect when they are called to fight a fire of save a life. Chief David Crittenden knows about each and every tool needed. He’s been with the Meigs County Emergency Services for years and Fire Chief for 5 years.

David Crittenden, Meigs Fire Chief, “When we receive a phone call, those folks are having the worst day of their life. And to just know that we can bring some stability to that situation or that incident.”

David is a full-time volunteer…and he holds down a full time civilian job. The county is getting a good deal with David. He responds to EMS calls and also trains his 80 firefighter volunteers.

David Crittenden, ” I love to teach and I always like to train folks and I’m an instructor with the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads with extraction, EVOC and K3 and also I’m able to teach a basic introduction to firefighting class.”

And David is always thinking of those he serves.

David Crittenden, “We don’t always know what impact we have on folks so its always good to know that we were able to make someone’s day a little better.”

Tony Finnell, Meigs Co. EMS Director, “Individuals like David Crittenden in our department makes my job so much easier because there’s no worries about decision making that he has. He’s very well trained. He’s very knowledgeable and very safety orientated. Those things are really important as a manager because those are things I don’t worry about because I know his ability on a call is second to none.”

That’s high praise and well-deserved for a dedicated volunteer who seems to find enough time in a week to do it all. That’s why News 12 Now wanted to honor Fire Chief David Crittenden as our First Responder of the Month.

James Wettermark, Wettermark Keith, “At Wettermark Keith, we are so proud of this month’s First Responder winner. But we are also proud of the hundred of other first responders who are out there working every day and every night to protect us and our families.”

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