Food City won’t cap the number of customers in their stores

ABINGTON, Virginia (WDEF) – Food City President and CEO Steve Smith gave an udpate Monday on how Food City is going to continue to adapt to CDC guidelines for its customers and its employees.

The store will now be encouraging all employees to wear masks because of the CDC’s recent recommendation, and hopes to be able to supply them by next week.

Food City will not be limiting the number of people in its stores like other grocery stores are doing, but trusts customers to remain distanced at 6 feet apart.

The CEO and President said customers will also be seeing a new face at the front of its stores.

“We have now assigned somebody at the front of our stores, that’s going to do nothing but clean and sanitize shopping carts as folks come in to our store.”

“We’ve installed our plexi glass shields at all of our check stands and customer service checkout areas throughout our stores.”

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