Lookout Valley Neighborhood Association Host Candidates Forum

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Lookout Valley neighborhood association hosted a candidates forum for the mayoral campaign and Chattanooga City Council.

The audience got to ask questions, and the first one was about the treatment of those who protect and serve us.

Moderator: “Will we see our emergency personnel better off if you are elected.”

Chris Long: ” We need to let them go out police they are more than willing to police, we need to give them equipment to work with , but they got to know the Mayor has their back.”

David Crockett: “We will pay our fire and police and we will treat them well and you know as far as handing them equipment, you have to be a little upscale and I’m going to put a lot of money into training… a whole lot.

Larry Grohn: “Mayor Berke and I have differences on how we spend a limited amount of money in the city that we have, but the average pay for police in the state on Tennessee is $51,800 and the average pay for city police in Chattanooga is less than 40,000.”

Mayor Andy Berke: “Police officers and firefighters understood that they had the back of city hall and that we compensated fairly , made agreements about how we would do that compensation in the future and how we can get better along and that’s what happened over the last four years.”

Lookout Valley residents want to hear from not only mayoral candidates, but city council candidates as well.

Jay Nevans: “There needs to be some expirations on to collect more information from the firefighters to make sure that the job they do is well supported.”

Chip Henderson: “There is no one here with the exception of maybe some of my colleagues to my right that support our police more than I do I am the public safety chairman.”

The Chattanooga city election for candidates is just weeks away, on March 7th.

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