Parts of North Georgia hit hard by Tuesday night storm

DALTON, Georgia(WDEF) – Parts of North Georgia received up to 5-inches of rain over night and that precipitation caused flooding and other problems throughout low-lying areas of Dalton and Whitfield County.

The oldest Volvo dealership in Georgia was affected by flooding. Heavy rain forced a nearby drainage ditch to overflow into Al Johnson Volkswagen and Volvo. Restoration crews spent a good part of the day cleaning the showroom and offices.

"It’s very disheartening. It’s very expensive to my business," said owner Al Johnson.

Nearly 10 vehicles parked in the lowest area of the parking lot were damaged by flood waters that seeped into the floorboard.

"They can’t be fixed so they’ll have to be sold for salvage."

Less than two miles away, the First Presbyterian Church of Dalton administrative office was also dealing with water issues as a result of Tuesday night’s rain. Around 3 AM, church officials got a disturbing call.

"We had some water get into the Co2 sensor which triggered our fire alarm. The fire department was called and our contact person responded and saw the water damage and then brought in some people to take out the water," said pastor Will Scott.

In other areas of rural Whitfield County, several retention ponds overflowed onto low-lying roads that were barely passable. There were also roads that were so flooded that county officials were left with no choice but to shut them down. But by the afternoon, the waters receded and the roads were reopened.

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