Shots Fired Inside Chattanooga Bank; Suspects Wanted

Jimmy Jenkins saw an active crime scene as he was pulling up to the First Tennessee Bank on East Brainerd Road Wednesday morning.

Jenkins adds, "I knew it was something when I saw this yellow tape, but I thought they were working on the building."

No, investigators were actually working a crime scene.

Less than two hours after the bank opened up, a suspect completely covered with a mask walked in and fired two rounds into the ceiling.

Jenkins adds, "It’s unbelievable."

The suspect then demanded money and in the process of getting it, fired at least two shots at an employee.

One of those bullets injured the worker.

Tim McFarland with the Chattanooga Police Department, says, "He was treated, actually transported to a local hospital for his injuries. They were minor."

According to police, the suspect then left the scene with an unknown amount of cash and jumped in a white Kia sedan driven by a woman.

McFarland adds, "FBI will be handling the investigation after we do the initial one."

Surveillance video or any other suspect information has not been released to News 12.

Jenkins adds, "I know everybody in there."

Jenkins says he’s just glad his friends are ok, as well as the customers who were inside.

He’s also relieved he did not make the trip to his bank two hours earlier.

Jenkins adds, "Getting rough around here, getting rough everywhere."

If you have any information on the suspects, call Chattanooga Police.

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