TECH BYTE: Avoid Germs With UTouch

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Cold and flu season is in full swing.

It’s hard to avoid all those germs when you have to use touch screens pretty much anywhere you go.

Your phone and computer keyboard are some of the dirtiest things you touch all the time.

But have you also thought about public touch screens?

“Right now it’s cold and flu season, and with everybody going out and shopping, all of those touch screens are being engaged hundreds of times every day,” said Chantz Yanagida, TeqTouch COO.

You use them all the time when buying something at the store. It’s hard to avoid them.

That’s where UTouch comes in.

“It’s a personal stylus device that fits right on your keychain, and you can take it with you to Walmart, the airport, and any of the places that you run into disgusting touch screens,” Yanagida said.

Yanagida says UTouch makes avoiding germs easier than you might think.

“You simply put this on your keychain, you take it right out as such, and you just put it right on your finger, and you’re ready and protected against those touch screens,” he said.

Yanagida says these devices are needed because touch screens are everywhere.

“In McDonald’s, now you have six of those things, sitting, waiting for people to order,” Yanagida said. “You have it in hospitals now to fill out your signature, and you have airports to go ahead and print out your tickets. They are everywhere, and trust me, I have even seen disgusting fingerprints, and even boogers wiped on some of those things.”

You can get a UTouch in several colors at

Yanagida says they hope to eventually start selling it in stores like CVS and Walmart.


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