TVA Employees protest layoffs and the outsourcing of jobs

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Over the past year TVA has been working to improve their IT department with plans to better their software system.

But, with this improvement comes big changes… Including layoffs. 

“We have to make this change. It’s what’s best for the Valley. But we are working with them to help find placement elsewhere,” says Malinda Hunter, TVA spokesperson. 

Through the process over 100 employees are losing their jobs.

The Engineers Association gathered at Miller Park Wednesday afternoon to make their voices and concerns heard. 

Protest recently included hundreds of people along with screams and shouts.  The protest today looks a little different – and  for a reason.

“We just know during social distancing and all, we didn’t want to have a large crowd of people. So we decided to get a sign for each person. This helps you see the sheer numbers of it,” says Gay Henson, President of Engineering Association

According to the employees of TVA, 220 people are losing their jobs – so there are 220 signs placed on the property, representing each laid off employee –  but TVA says the actual number of layoffs  is closer to 108. 

Officials say of those 108, 62 are using outplacement services to find additional jobs and about 1 third of those affected have already found a new job within TVA.

Union Representatives say they understand making improvements but they want TVA to keep the Tennessee Valley employed first – before looking elsewhere. 

“This work really does belong to the people of the valley. The money they make needs to be spent here for the economic benefit of the valley for everyone, not just TVA employees. Help the region and the community,” says Henson.

Tva says that as a federal agency they are required to complete all of their work within the United States- and feel that outsourcing these jobs – is best for thing the valley.

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